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Perm Straight

This texture resembles black hair after a relaxer.  It has more texture than the Relax Straight.  It has a hint of Yak in the blend, and can also be made into a "Soft Perm Straight" for clients with a less coarse texture.  Can be roller set or flat ironed.

AUB/Blends are available.  Please call to place a custom order.   We do carry longer lengths of hair (34"-36").  Please call for current market prices.



How do I know how much hair I need?

When you call in your order, our trained representative will guide you throughout the ordering process. The general rule of thumb we use is 1/2 lb. (8oz equivalent to 2 bundles for lengths up to 16") to cover your whole head depending on how full you like it or your hair style. Longer lengths may require more hair since the weight depends on length of hairs.